Welcome to BudgetTranslation!
It is our firm belief that in the past years prices have gone way too high in the translation industry and that is why we've decided to rank the question of affordable prices right in line with the quality of our services.

Striked by the realization that though quality is a must, not all businesses and private clients can afford the currently prevailing market price. This is why we draw a line in our quotes: HUF 2,25 + VAT / character is what we consider both unparalleled in the Hungarian market and yet still an appropriate, fair-trade price. Given the chance and the possibility, when doing what we love, that is translation and proofreading, we sometimes can go even lower.

Notwithstanding that, reduction of quality is obviously not open for debate. Our colleagues are top-notch translators, interpreters and linguists, and professionals in their own fields of expertise.

Within our main fields of expertise – that is economics, law, engineering and natural sciences, we specialised in English, German and Hungarian, though, upon request, we provide other language combinations as well.

Try us out! To make sure our services are to the highest of standards, test translations are done for free.

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